Post construction Residential cleaning

With top-notch post-construction cleaning, we transform your beautiful new space into a move-in-ready home!

Precision-Based Cleaning for Your Newly Built Haven

At SamItay Cleaning, we take pride in being the best at what we do – including our specialized service of post-construction residential cleaning. Living in San Diego, California, means beautiful living spaces, often constructed by talented builders. But the one thing builders need to be more expert at is cleaning up the mess that follows. That’s where we come in! With our exceptional team of professional cleaners in California, we’ll get your house sparkling clean, making you forget all about the stress of construction. 

Why should you trust us from the multitude of residential cleaning services in San Diego? Our team comprises professionals who specialize in post-construction residential cleaning. These experts know how to navigate the space, remove dust and debris, and ensure everything is noticed. Being builders is a messy job, and cleaning after them – that’s our job! 

Post-Construction Cleanup

After the construction dust settles, we bring shine to your newly built residence.

We are dedicated

We redefine your living spaces into squeaky clean, organized, and refreshing environments.

Beyond post-construction residential cleaning, SamItay Cleaning also offers commercial cleaning services. We understand that a clean business environment promotes productivity and gives a positive impression to clients. We cater to homes and offices, stores, and other commercial properties that require a professional and thorough cleanup. After all, a clean space is a successful space. 

Our team of professional cleaners in California is efficient but also reliable and flexible. You can count on SamItay Cleaning to accommodate your schedule and meet all your cleaning expectations. We guarantee a pristine living or working environment, no matter your location’s size or state. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. 

Our more extensive range of services, from post-construction residential cleaning to commercial cleaning services, designed with your needs in mind, sets SamItay Cleaning apart. So, next time you’re looking for professional cleaners in California, remember we’re only a call away. Let us create a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable space for you – trust SamItay Cleaning, your partner in cleanliness.


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